David S. Lesperance

Named by the Wall Street Journal as “probably the top lawyer in the business of advising wealthy U.S. citizens on how to expatriate to lower-tax countries”, David Lesperance specializes in providing tax-efficient global multi-jurisdiction residence/citizenship and domicile solutions which enable his clients to maintain or improve their current personal and business lifestyles. His international client base includes HNW individuals and families, financial professionals (aka: “Masters of the Universe”) and highly mobile artists, athletes, musicians and actors. The purpose of his “Passport Portfolio” approach is to provide the tools to deal with risks in the area of taxation, litigation, and mobility and to take advantage of opportunities in a continually globalizing and interconnected world. Surprisingly, many of his solutions involve jurisdictions which are generally thought to be “high tax” , but which allow legal and practical planning opportunities which turn them into “no, low or controlled tax” destinations.

Lesperance has written and lectured extensively throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. His opinion and insight is often sought out by the international business and legal press including the BBC, the Economist, and the Wall Street Journal. In his over 20 years of legal practice, Lesperance has advised a number of governments on how to design their residence and tax laws and systems to make their jurisdictions more attractive to his highly sought “Golden Geese” clients. In addition, he is increasingly called upon by major international financial institutions to provide in-house training sessions to their staff on how to identify potential client and regulatory problems and recognize planning opportunities for their private banking clients. While “sleeping more nights in Toronto than anywhere else”, Lesperance travels extensively which helps him bring an “agnostic global viewpoint” in analyzing the current and future opportunities in over 20 different jurisdictions.

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